These exercises can be completed in a separate journal from the art prompt or in the same one.

Feel free to take several days to complete the exercises.

Day 6:  Last Words


Are there any last words that you would like to say to ____________?

If so, say them here.

Are you willing to trust that the wisdom of the universe and your higher power will work with this person to heal anything that you deemed interfered with your relationship?


Are you willing to let go of your need to figure out or control what happened in this relationship and let your higher wisdom handle this


Are you willing to let your higher power erase all of the consequences, past and future, of any actions that caused pain in this relationship?





Make a special box for letting go. You can use a shoebox, a tissue box or a cardboard box. Something simple or more fancy, its up to you. 

Choose materials that you would like to use to decorate the box. You can leave it blank. Of you can paint it, color it, draw on it or paste newspapers or others papers onto the box. Maybe you want to cover it with some of the work you've already done.

There is no right or wrong here so allow yourself to trust your intuition. 





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