These exercises can be completed in a separate journal from the art prompt or in the same one.

Feel free to take several days to complete the exercises.


What would it be like if you could release this relationship?


How would you feel?


How would you spend your extra time, space, and the energy that will be freed up?



What will you gain when you are ready to release this relationship?


Are you feeling any shame or blame towards yourself because you may be holding onto resentments still?


Are you ready to release __________ and this relationship? Be honest with yourself.

The journaling process is not about the answers, it is about bringing up what YOU truly feel to the surface. You can't get this wrong!





Grab a piece of paper, any kind will do, and get a box of crayons, markers, or any art materials that you have around. 


Pick a color that represents what freedom from resentment, grief, or fears would look like for you. 


Take your non-dominant hand and allow it to move across the paper. 


Close your eyes. 


Allow your hand to move across the paper without looking. 


Notice what comes up for you when you are doing things differently than you normally would do. 


What do you notice?

How does it feel to have your eyes closed?

How does it feel to use your non-dominant hand?

When you open your eyes, what comes up for you as you look at the page?

You may wish to journal some more about this exercise when you are finished. 


Additional prompt: Try this again but this time use colors that represent

any shame or blame you are carrying about holding onto this relationship





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