These exercises can be completed in a separate journal from the art prompt or in the same one.

Feel free to take several days to complete the exercises.


Are you blaming yourself for anything that has happened in this relationship?


          Are there any thoughts that you have that tell say you could have done something differently? What are they?



Short Healing Meditation

      Take several deep breaths. Close your eyes and imagine yourself during a specific memory from this relationship.

Imagine white light is covering your entire body.

It is filling up your entire mind.

Feel the warmth of this white light and that is surrounding any pain you felt or any pain you have worried you have caused.

Take 10 deep breaths.

After each breath state, “I am supported by the love of the universe and I am released.”



Find a few drawing or doodling materials of choice and lay them out in front of you.

Invite your highest Self to join you in this practice  

Take a moment to breathe in and out. Close your eyes for a few seconds if you'd like.

When you are ready, open up to a fresh page in your journal or notebook. Or feel free to choose another surface to work with.

Draw a figure on a blank page.

It can be a stick figure, a tracing from a stencil or gingerbread person cookie cutter, a cut out from a magazine or a computer print out.

It can even be a circle or a blob!

Don’t get stuck on drawing skills here. This is about the process.

There is no right or wrong. Whatever you draw or create is exactly what you are supposed to.

After you have your figure on the page, make marks inside and outside the figure.

These marks can represent where you feel tension or sensation in your body related to this relationship.

Maybe there is a lack of sensation, a numbness. You can place a mark there as well.

Feel free to color or scribble in any other areas. Trust your intuition. 

If you wish to add more, you can. You can add a scene that comes to mind. 

You can ask this figure where it lives and draw that. 

You can just color in the background.

There is no one way. The way you do it IS the right way. 

When you are done, notice how you feel.

You may wish to write down some more thoughts about what this experience was like for you. 




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