These exercises can be completed in a separate journal from the art prompt or in the same one.

Feel free to take several days to complete the exercises.


What is the relationship you would like to release?


           Name the person’s full name:


            How did you meet this person?


    Describe, in detail, how your relationship evolved?


 Is there anything else that you feel would be important to write down about this relationship? (For example, repetitive thoughts, emotions or memories that continue to come up)


 Feel free to come back to these questions throughout the day. 



Find a few drawing or doodling materials of choice and lay them out in front of you.

Invite your highest Self to join you in this practice  

Take a moment to breathe in and out. Close your eyes for a few seconds if you'd like.

When you are ready, pick the first material that stands out to you without thinking about it.

Open up to a fresh page in your journal or notebook. Or feel free to choose another surface to work with.

Start making circular motions with your art tool of choice.

Continue to move faster and faster and faster.

Allow yourself to move all over the page

Do this for about 2-5 minutes without judging what you are making or trying to achieve a “pretty picture.” 

When you are done, notice how you feel.


You may wish to write down some more thoughts about what this experience was like for you. 




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