Welcome to The 5 Star Life

Where Biz Lady Rebels Rock Their Radar for a Life Wired

with Love, Wealth & Freedom


Who am I? I'm a Rebel.

A Rebel owns her Truth. She lives for it!

It's the only way. I live life on the daily practicing & deepening my connection to my rebel radar. 

This passion to support amazing women just like you is because I believe in the influence and unique gifts of women as leaders!

We can be confident and directive AND gentle and nurturing side with a desire for genuine connection. A women like this is a true Warrioress because she cultivates this balance by navigating a deeply sacred path full of letting go of what isn’t working in order to rise up into what is.

I see a woman like this as unstoppable and massively capable of anything she desires and I want you to feel this way!

I want you to recognize your greatness and brilliance. To OWN your presence as the CEO of your business & brand...and most importantly your LIFE! I want you to do so with the heart and soul you crave.

As a result, you get to feel good in your body. Your spirit is nourished. You save time, money & energy. You reduce overwhelm & confusion and your business and life get easier, more fulfilling & successful in ways they've never been before. You also get to make a difference in many others lives.

I'm a seasoned therapist, expert trainer and business coach who has been working with clients from all walks of life, hardships, and experiences for the past 10 years.

I've had my own successful self-run business for over 6 years. Leading thousands of people on their path to personal freedom and growth through weekly sessions, groups, workshops, trainings, retreats and courses has been her massively impactful day-to-day while also combing her love of art making through painting.

As a licensed social worker & certified yoga teacher, Jen brings mindfulness & presence as a core value to all of the work she teaches and shares.

"This work will without a doubt ACCELERATE you and bring your life and business to the NEXT LEVEL. It will include a balance of NURTURING, Good Witch Glinda SUPPORT and also DEEP INSIGHTS that will have you naturally shifting how you show up and put yourself out into the world. It will give you concrete strategies and a clear action plan to create the business of your dreams!

I desire more than anything for you to spread your light & beauty to as many people as possible. This world needs YOU! As long as there is suffering, there are NOT enough Creatives & Healers offering their life changing services, art & products!!" xoxo Jen

As you get to know me, you will see my major jam is being a mystical AND practical expert

Being an intuitive rock star makes life EASIER, FLOW BETTER and FEEL MORE ABUNDANT. 

 As a Devotee to My HIGHEST SELF. 

it naturally unleashes the unique gifts that make me come alive (and the SAME is true for you) .


And as a practical book & internet nerd, I learn things fast and I teach them succinctly and effortlessly. Which means I've got the detailed path to share with you too!


Navigating and breaking the perfectionistic, black & white rules that kept me abandoning my own Self has been a lifelong deep dive. I  teach what I've learned and I love guiding you on how to SHOW up and do the same. 


As an expert trainer and teacher for ladies looking to lead 5 Star, fulfilled lives, this is my life's journey to teach you to reconnect, OWN and DEEPEN your power so you can beam your magic into the world as the Rebel You Are.