Ready for support?

 From someone just as passionate about your success as you are?  

Here’s how it we will work together:

5 Sessions. 60 Minutes Each.

2 Months Unlimited Email Support with Jen
Monday-Friday (response within 24-36 hours)

Templates to personalize and organize
Supplemental trainings, materials and video suggestions
Complete Access to Solopreneur Startup & Succeed © and the entire 7 Stage Framework in it’s entirety.

How it’s structured:

4 Weekly Sessions within 30 Days

5th Session Follow-up 30 Days Later

We will develop your brand, preferred marketing strategy and ideal client from A-Z including:

a dynamic action plan for your dream business that fits your unique desires, needs (personally and professionally) , health, lifestyle desires and income goals.

a structure that takes into account your current finances, time, energy and schedule so that your business is sustainable with achievable goals that have you building your business exponentially over time and not wasting or burning out your precious resources, the most important one being YOU!

always infusing fun, experimentation and empowerment into your business building process as we naturally position you as the confident expert and CEO that you are.

a longterm connection to your true self and an intuitive practice that supports the flow of your business and lifestyle.

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Together, we will also:

Identify and release success blocks that interfere with you taking daily actions, leaving outdated responsibilities behind, staying consistent with your business, as well as showing up and getting visible in your day to day.

Reorient your current approach to one that is true Self-oriented which will create a business and lifestyle foundation for flow and alignment with your authentic values.

Develop your signature offer as a natural progression for your ideal clients to work with you and refer you to their friends, family and network as well!

By the end of us working together you will:

understand the exact process to having a sustainable business that you can implement immediately, even if you have another full time job, family, or have never sold your services before.

You will also:

Show up confident and revved up about your expertise so clients know you are exactly who they need to hire

Be a magnet for high impact opportunities in front of your ideal clients so that your audience keeps growing

Approach marketing and business from a soul perspective so you share offers easily with passion and keep integrity with your values and dreams.

Looking for even more support?

I am unapologetic in my mission to help you discover and embrace your voice within.

So you can translate it into a lifestyle and business that is an extension of your deepest desires, the inner YOU.

This is what I call living an Inspired Life.

Interested in working together?

Send an email below and you will receive an electronic application to fill out.


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Once you identify the stage of business growth you are actually in (vs. the fantasy of where you think you are or should be at) you will reduce the energy you are wasting on busy work, stop spending money on things incongruent with your goals and you will break free from the comparison trap keeping you distracted from making progress and a profit!


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