Be a Money BFF! Are you good friends with your money?

Do you have a codependent relationship with money?

Think about this a minute. 

If a good friend stopped by unexpectedly, how would you treat her?

If that same friend had to leave another time at short notice, how would you feel?

If a good friend had to cancel plans, change plans last minute, or was going through a hard time, how would you react?

(Keep in mind we are talking about healthy, balanced relationships where both people give & receive)

Let's talk about scenario 1. 

Your friend shows up unexpectedly, you are open & happy to see her. You invite her in, ask her if she needs anything & take it from there. 

Your friend has to unexpectedly leave. You enjoyed your time with her and could even see spending time longer, but you totally understand, she has something else she just has to do. You know you will see her & speak to her again soon, in the right time & the right place. 

Another day, your friend has to cancel plans. You are disappointed because you wanted to see her, but you can relate, you've had to do that once and awhile before too. You may other plans. 

Another time, your friend has to cancel last minute. You are hurt because you were really looking forward to the plans. You are disappointed because you miss your friend. So you share how you feel & your friend listens. She gets it, apologizes, & listens. You feel better & don't hold a grudge or a resentment.

Scenario 2

Your friend shows up unexpectedly, you are caught off guard because you weren't expecting her. You are happy she's there, but you are distracted because you were in the middle of doing something else. You expect her to understand this without telling her how you feel. 

Your friend has to unexpectedly leave. You feel hurt & abandoned & rejected. Why did she bother coming if she knew she had to leave so soon? Doesn't she know that you dropped everything to hang out with her and now she is just going to leave? 

Another day, your friend has to cancel plans. You stew in your mind about what type of friend she is & how you can't trust her. You build up future walls & how you are going to not make her as much of a priority in the future. You give her the cold shoulder the next time she calls and don't answer. 

Another time, your friend has to cancel last minute. You can't believe this happened again. What type of friend is this? You decide in your mind you are cutting off the friendship until she makes it up to you. You don't even know what this would look like but your emotions make you feel like this is right. 

Now reread the scenarios & this time, imagine that money is the friend we are talking about here? 

How is your money relationship similar or not to the above? 

How are you treating money? 

Is money like a good friend to you? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments & tell me..what is your relationship with money!!

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