Knowing Your Why is More Important Than Your How

Your why is the foundation of WHY you are doing what you are doing. In order to have a fulfilled life and a sustainable business we need to know the true reason and purpose behind our message. 


If we don't, then when bumps in the road come, frustration ensues, and we are exhausted or drained, we won't want to continue. 

Knowing our why keeps us connected to our Rebel Radar Self so that if we've had a hard or long day, we know we will wake up in the morning and our purpose will still be there. 


In addition, having our sole purpose as spiritual entrepeneurs to be focused on money will never fly in the end. Am I right? 

Money is energy, it's numbers, it's neutral. It's the icing and often ingredients for the cake but YOU are the warmth. You bring the love. You bring the connection. That's the difference!


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