Early Bird Enrollment for Abundantly Inspired Biz!!


I’m sooo excited to share this passion project of mine with you!!


 It is one of those courses that came to me as inspiration in a single download in the middle

Of the night! (As my creations often do)


How cool is that? For years I would worry about how I would take the ideas in my mind and translate them into the world for other people to get.


It took me years of uncovering layers to access my inner guidance and now, things are so much easier! 


I get to ask for help. I get to be supported. I get for things to be easy. 


I’ve decided this because it feels good to me. And I’ve learned that what feels good to me is what is meant for me. And I want the same for you. 


I’ve always been passionate about supporting creatives, healers & high vibe ladies to be treated well, expect the best and get what they DESERVE in regards to success, abundance and self care. 


Because YOU my lady are someone who loves deeply, cares deeply, and it is so so important to get what’s in your heart and soul out into the world. And at the same time for you to feel energized, relaxed and fulfilled.


Because creatives and healers give so much! We have to make sure we give to ourselves first. 


The world needs your gifts, your expression and it does not have to be hard! And it is a direct result of honoring yourself. 


Here is an outline of what this jam packed course is going to offer. 


I’m pouring out everything I’ve learned to help you step into the next stage of giving your gifts.


This is going to be amazing!!



Abundantly Inspired Biz Course Curriculum:


10 Live Training Sessions

At least 2 Q&A Sessions

Daily Facebook Group Support


Week 1- Spiritual Business Framework

-Self Led Biz Model Vs. Parts (Smaller Self) Biz Model 

-Scarcity Vs. More Than Enough 

-Lack Vs. Abundance

-Self Care


Week 2- CoCreative Biz Map

-Getting Clarity

-Inspired Action

-Cocreative & Intuitive Process in Business



Week 3-Your Brand

-DESIRED revenue streams and income

-how you want to feel in your business (what is your voice, vibe?)

-how do you want to serve others and to have others feel

-what is your MAIN Focus Today



Week 4-Your Ideal Client/Customer/Niche

Complete Client Blueprint

From Characteristics to Problem to Solution

Meditation for developing Client Attraction



Week 5 Mindset

Limiting Beliefs and Mindset Around:





-Cultural Ideas



Week 6- Your Online Home

Building Your Community & Communication Path


-email list





Week 7-Connecting and Building Trust with Your Community

-Providing Value

-Showing Up As An Expert

-Fine Tuning Your Voice



Week 8-Sharing Your Gifts With The World (Marketing & Client Attraction)

-Social Media, Consistency of Message & Showing Up, Engagement

-Sharing and Selling

-Showing Up 

-Calls To Action


Week 9 - Sharing Your Gifts with the World Part 2


-Content Creation

-Vision Board


Week 10- Content Creation

Your Small Priced Offer

Your Money Making Masterpiece




My 1.5 goddess self care class

My 7 day abundance meditation mini series 

Money Love Affirmation Kit

"Technology & Services I use to Run My Biz" Tutorial


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