Need to Ripen Bananas Quickly?

So for those of you who know me, you know how I loooooove my frozen bananas. My inner two year old (whose had a preference for more ice cream since the first time she was introduced to it) frozen bananas are the perfect healthier substitute. Their creaminess is unprecedented and they can be mixed with so many different ingredients. Using a little bit of your choice of milk gives it an ice-creamy smoothy feel  . My favorite is frozen banana, fresh spinach, almond milk and ground flax meal, however recently I've been adding some peanut butter, crushed cacao nibs and dates. O...M...G. 

However, what's a girl to do when she runs out of ripe bananas? You know, the brown speckled, cheetah printed lovelies that I've grown to adore. It seems like I can't keep them stored for long! I'm always scouring the stores for the leftover ripe bundle, the medley of unwanted singles discarded and just wanting to be chosen, yet everyone passes them by. Not me! 

The disappointment that washes over me when I see the sea of yellow and then as I get closer flashes of green as well. The horror!  


Well I've heard of the just throw it in the (brown paper) bag trick but that gives me 24-36 hours. That's too long for my 2 year old who wants. nana. nicecream. NOW. 


So ofcourse, whenever I have a food challenge I head over to Pinterest and there is usually an answer.  And lo and behold it didn't let me down today!


Apparently if you put the banana (still with peel on) into the microwave for 30 second increments you can keep doing this until you get your desired ripeness. I was kind of skeptical and figured I'd just open up the microwave door to a pile of sad banana mush, but to my elated surprise after two rounds the bananas looked...well that perfect ripeness! Just remember to let them cool for about 20 seconds between rounds.


The secret? It's the molecule ethylene which helps to process the sugars in the fruit, especially when using warmth and consolidation (why the brown bag and keeping bananas together in bunches also helps).   

Thank you for the tip :)