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Welcome to The 5 Star Life!

This is my art & creative headquarters + spiritual abode  that's made for INSANELY smart, gifted & talented, creative high-vibe ladies who are devotees to their TRUTH. 



This is your hotspot place & cooldown retreat to fine tune your rebel radar & have all your needs fulfilled

(all the stuffs + all the feel goods) 

☆ Like being the Biz Boss Lady

☆ Waking up whenever you want

☆ Traveling on a whim

☆  Having more than enough money, time and energy

☆ Having loving, fun relationships

☆ Inner Peace



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Oh yeahhh...and you get to express yourself and earn a living just by being YOU... 


☆ which continuously grows a community of adoring fans

☆ aka people you are massively helping & inspiring!!


Who am I? 

I'm Jen and I've been a Lifelong Inspirational Teacher & Coach, an Expert Therapist, a Mad Genius Ecourse Creator and a Vivacious Paint Throwin', Reggae Dancing, Abstract Intuitive Paint Rebel.  
I'm a Writer, Speaker, Registered Yoga Teacher and a Licensed Clinician for 10+ years with a Masters in Clinical Social Work.


Yup, just your regular Creative Renaissance Woman and Life Warrioress ;) 

I choose to live my 5 Star Life because I am not happy ANY OTHER WAY. 

And I want that for YOU! Your 5 Star Life will look exactly how YOU want it to! 



Who are you?

☆ You know it's time to rise up and step into your power as an online influencer.

☆ You want to do things a different way than you've been doing them. 

☆ You want the spiritual fulfillment. 

☆You want the long lasting peace. 


Not the instant gratification, snooze and you lose, FOMO induced, whirlwind rush of an empty life where you are just going through the motions because that doesn't work for you! However, you get the distinct feeling that's it's going to take breaking down some old rules you've picked up from this world and doing things differently than you've done them before.



A rebel craves her truth.

A rebel doesn't settle for anything less.

A rebel is willing to do whatever it takes, regardless of what anyone else says to live as an expression of her highest self. 

And then offer that Self and Sing it From the Hilltops to others!

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You my lady, are a goddess, ready to fine tune your Rebel Radar and create the MOST Inspired Life of Your Dreams...The 5 Star Life, that includes a career you LOVE, the HEALTHY relationships you DESIRE and a Life full of feeling alive, joyous, AND free!!

★ Ways to Work With Me ★

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Enrolling Now

The Complete Program to Get Your Mind, Heart & Laptop Wired for 5 Star Online Freedom


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1:1 Coaching

Massive Attention & Access to My Energy, Lifestyle & Business to 


Does the 5 Star life sound like it's too good to be true? 

Feeling fearful of leaving the security of your current job? 

Doubt that you will actually be able to make money doing what you love?

This was me!!

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Or maybe you're surrounded by a gajillion puzzle pieces that don't fit. 


You're tired. You're confused. You're discouraged.  You don't know where to go from here. 


Not sure where to begin? I've got you lady.

You just need some down-to-earth Girl Talk with a Proven Process and a GPS to take you there. 

So many of us feel the burning passion to create our own online empires and yet we jump in full speed ahead. We nom on every piece of info we can get. We consume and dive in, yet we don't realize that we are on a fast track to confusion, burnout and crazytown if we don't lock into our own innate radar & understand how to apply it to the structures & learning curve of the online world. 


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This radar:

☆ Massively decreases stress like no other

☆ Eliminates Overwhelm

☆ Gets You Super Clear on Your Biz Besties (aka your soulmate clients)

☆ Supports you in creating the live of your dreams (#5starlife) 

☆ Discerns what's working for you and not working for you

☆ Taps You Deeply Into Your Vulnerability so Your Stardom Shines for all to see

☆ Is Your True North Star, Guiding You despite what others say or do!

☆ Creates a Long lasting foundation for a life & biz you love NOW which saves you time, energy, disappointment & moola later!!


I've got just the thing to kickoff your rebel radar mastery. 



My free Biz Bestie Training Series includes my 5 best kept secrets

to creating an impervious foundation for your biz!



In order to shine that light & live 5 stars in every way, you need  a lighthouse baby, that brings it all to you.  



A magic combo of how to get wired and hook up your online empire while using your Biz Lady Rebel Radar to make it all humming & running smoothly. 



To get crystal clear on high priority cash money making tasks so you can get ahead of the learning curve once & for all. 

To meet your Biz Besties that love what you do & want to bask in your rebel light. 


Imagine zoning in, optimizing your time & having tons of space for:

beachin' it, doing your hobbies, playing with friends and all that fun stuff that gets you feeling relaxed and happy. 


Trust me girl, you've got this!

So let's clink some glasses, fan that fire of yours, and teach you the art of fine tuning your Inner Rebel to make a Magical Life filled with Mystical Moola.


One more thing I must share with you. This is some straight girl talk comin' at you sister. 



The MOST successful, biz ladies who rock their 5 star worlds all have this one "thing" in common.


Can you guess what it is?  Hippie Drum Circle Roll Please........


They fine tune their rebel radar until it's so on point,  all they know how to do is TRUST their own inner guidance


Sometimes I call it being in Self Energy.


Others may call it source or intuition .


I personally think it's finally what #adulting is all about!!


These lady rebels use their inner guidance.


They watch how it shows up in their lives through people, situations, conversations, signs. (We're talking real life magic here!). 


Which is where the mystical moola comes from. 


They act from their GPS. They listen and they act. They reflect, dance a jig, turn up the reggae (I loooove reggae) and then they act. 


They find other G&T ladies to learn from. (That's gifted & talented ;)


They are teachable, open minded, and willing to let their TRUTH be their voice aka their INNER LADY REBEL.


She's a warrioress. She doesn't take any BS from anyone and yet, she is someone everyone wants to be around. She's an influencer. A downright smashing healer. A queen with a brilliant mind and creative ideas on tap. 



The Key to the 5 Star Life is Your Wiring .

Because as humans,  there are parts of ourselves that come up that want to protect our vulnerabilities & gifts.


At some point, we learned false rules that taught us that our uniqueness and vision were wrong or....didn't fit the scene.... or got in the way of other people's wants.

We needed some good protection after people told us all this gibberish!

So we developed parts that automatically came to save the day when they sensed  threats and felt unsafe.

While, good intentioned when we were younger, as adults, these protective parts can deflect quite well and pose as our truth even when THEY ARE NOT our truth. 


In summary,  we spend WAY too much time on the gibberish and not enough time being a rebel. 


Which is an energy suck. Which will leave you pulling out your beautiful locks.


Which will BLOCK paying soulmate clients & Biz besties from getting to you!


Because your customers won't know you are HERE for them if your Rebel Self is being dimmed by a posse of imitators! 


You, shining lady, are meant to be singing from the hilltops of your highest self! 


But you won't be if you've got faulty wiring. 

 I call them Parts, but you might call them beliefs, blocks, resistance, defenses etc! 

Parts distract us in all different ways:

Reduce shame, worry, stress and overwhelm by decreasing self criticism. Increase exposure to your brand, message and live your purpose as an online influencer, blogger, creative, healer, coach & course creator. #Onlinebusiness #onlinecoach

☆ by focusing on what other people want for us

☆ by absorbing what culture, media & society say

☆ by judging & shaming ourselves

☆ by lamenting about our lack of skill instead of focusing on learning

☆ by holding onto unhealthy beliefs about money

☆  by comparing ourselves to others

☆  by feeling unworthy

☆ by less important tasks

☆  by worrying over what's not working

☆ by feeling unseen and rejected

There's good new though! It can all be shifted!

And you're in luck because I've got another gift for you that's going to help you do just that.

You can grab my super enlightening "Rebel Self Start Up" Guide which is a quick map to see which of your parts are still running the show in your life and biz! 

Work smarter, not harder, rewire your inner critic, reduce worry, fear and be successful, abundant, joyful and wealthy with your online business. Download the guide here and create a foundation that is sustainable for your online biz as an online influencer (that's blogger, coach, creative, healer, speaker, course creator). #onlinebusiness #femalebusiness

The way of living 5 stars that I teach is the key to working smarter, n

ot harder.



The key to being wiser, and not burnt out!

They key to living luxe on your terms, whatever that looks like!

So you hold your energy & stop pimping it out in ways that you don't need to anymore!

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Your Biz Just needs some Biz Lady Boss Attention

With a clear ROADMAP where you can be YOU and make a massive effect on this love-hungry world with your incredible gifts. 



So your biz can be your biatch!

and not the other way around :)


Are you Ready?

You get to decide...

Exactly what you want your rebel life to look like. 


Testimonials from my Biz Bestie Lady Rebels

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“Being Myself Is Enough”

Jen taught me that being perfect is only in our minds and isn't a part of reality. She helped me to open the door toward vulnerability and assured me it would only make me stronger. I know now that she was right.  Jen introduced me to the idea that being myself is enough, and that I am loved no matter how I think or feel. Having been a client of Jen I can honestly say that she was the first one to plant a seed on the path towards my overall growth as a complete individual. It is people like Jen that can inspire and jumpstart anyone to continuing to build a life worth living like I have everyday." - Jodie W. 

"I am exactly where I need to be"

I think for the first time I really, truly believed that I am exactly where I need to be. Then, I began to reflect on how far I've come and the vast knowledge I've gained through working with you over the past ten months. I am truly enlightened by the way that you explain things so clearly. I just wanted to say that I'm filled with immense gratitude for everything that I've learned thus far and for you being such an instrumental part of my journey.— Kellie N.

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"I never thought I could have that"

I am still feeling something I never really have, it's almost overwhelming, but truthfully indescribable. I never thought I could have that. So something tells me to thank you for guiding me to it and to thank you for being so kind, patient, and an amazing teacher. I feel exponentially grateful in this moment (and many moments) that our paths have crossed in life.  -Joann J. 


Don't forget!!

It's free and guaranteed to completely transform your life.