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Grab Your Free Soulmate Attraction Training Series + Wire Your Radar

For Wealth, Love

& Freedom 




Welcome to The 5 Star Life!

This training comes straight from my art & creative headquarters + spiritual abode  that's made for INSANELY smart, gifted & talented, creative high-vibe ladies who are devotees to their TRUTH. 



This free high value training will fine tune your rebel radar 

and connect you with your soulmate clients!



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Oh yeahhh...did I mention you get to do this + earn a living by being YOU?


☆ which continuously grows a community of adoring fans

☆ aka people you are massively helping & inspiring!!


Who am I? 

I'm Jen and I've been a Lifelong Inspirational Teacher & Coach, an Expert Therapist, a Mad Genius Ecourse Creator and a Vivacious Paint Throwin', Reggae Dancing, Abstract Intuitive Paint Rebel.
I'm a Writer, Speaker, Registered Yoga Teacher and a Licensed Clinician for 10+ years with a Masters in Clinical Social Work.
My nickname is the Connection Queen!
As a licensed therapist for the past 10 years, you better believe I take connection seriously. I have built my entire business on the principles of trust, authenticity, deep listening and curiosity amongst a bunch of other values that I hold true to my heart as a practitioner who practices what she preaches!



Who are you?

☆ You know it's time to rise up and step into your power as an online influencer.

☆ You want to do things a different way than you've been doing them. 

☆ You want the spiritual fulfillment. 

☆You want the long lasting peace. 


Not the instant gratification, snooze and you lose, FOMO induced, whirlwind rush of an empty life where you are just going through the motions because that doesn't work for you! 



A rebel craves her truth.

A rebel doesn't settle for anything less.

A rebel is willing to do whatever it takes, regardless of what anyone else says to live as an expression of her highest self. 

And then offer that Self and Sing it From the Hilltops to others!

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This training teaches in five days, my 5 star steps for how to connect deeply to your why + message in your biz. 

It shares the framework of the BEST model I have ever come across for shifting things with ease to get you completely crystal clear on who it is you wish to reach online. 

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If you're getting tired of all the information out there,


look no further, this training goes deep and it WILL give you the results you are looking for.  


If you're confused or frustrated and don't even know where to start

All you have to do is show up, be open + willing and just soak up the specific steps that will take you from foggy to fine tuned!


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The radar we are developing in this training:

☆ Massively decreases stress like no other

☆ Eliminates Overwhelm

☆ Gets You Super Clear on Your Biz Besties (aka your soulmate clients)

☆ Supports you in creating the live of your dreams (#5starlife) 

☆ Discerns what's working for you and not working for you

☆ Taps You Deeply Into Your Vulnerability so Your Stardom Shines for all to see

☆ Is Your True North Star, Guiding You despite what others say or do!

☆ Creates a Long lasting foundation for a life & biz you love NOW which saves you time, energy, disappointment & moola later!!


So what are you waiting for?



My free Soulmate Attraction Training Series includes my 5 best kept secrets

to creating an impervious foundation for your biz!



Trust me girl, you've got this!

So let's clink some glasses, fan that fire of yours, and teach you the art of fine tuning your Inner Rebel to make a Magical Life filled with Mystical Moola.


"I am exactly where I need to be"

I think for the first time I really, truly believed that I am exactly where I need to be. Then, I began to reflect on how far I've come and the vast knowledge I've gained through working with you over the past ten months. I am truly enlightened by the way that you explain things so clearly. I just wanted to say that I'm filled with immense gratitude for everything that I've learned thus far and for you being such an instrumental part of my journey.— Kellie N.

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"I never thought I could have that"

I am still feeling something I never really have, it's almost overwhelming, but truthfully indescribable. I never thought I could have that. So something tells me to thank you for guiding me to it and to thank you for being so kind, patient, and an amazing teacher. I feel exponentially grateful in this moment (and many moments) that our paths have crossed in life.  -Joann J. 


Don't forget!!

It's free and guaranteed to completely transform your life.